2021/22 Women’s Under-19 Championship second round: Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden join final hosts Czech Republic | Women under 19

The second round of the new UEFA European Women’s Under-19 Championship, in the style of the UEFA Nations League, will determine the seven teams that will join the Czech Republic in the final, as well as promotion and relegation between the leagues.

Qualified for the final tournament so far

Czech Republic (host)
England (winner of Group A3)
France (holder, Group A7 winner)
Germany (Group A2 winners)
Italy (winner of Group A5)
Spain (winner of Group A6)
Sweden (Group A1 winners)

League A consists of 28 teams, including the seven promoted from League B in Round 1 in the fall. The Czech Republic enters round 2, although they are assured of a place in the final as hosts. The seven eventual group winners will advance to the June 27-July 9 final, drawn on May 18 in Ostrava. All groups are full except group A4, which runs from May 9 to 15.

Promotions and relegations between Leagues A and B before the first round of the 2022/23 edition will be confirmed before the draw on May 31.

All matches

League A

  • France won the last edition finished in 2018/19.
  • Germany, a record six-time champion, beat Finland on penalties to take the lead in Group A2.
  • The other former winners to qualify are England, Italy, Spain and Sweden.
  • Bulgaria and Ukraine, two of four Group A4 contenders, are aiming to join the Czech Republic in making their finals debut.

Group A1 (full)
Qualified: Sweden*
Also in the group: Denmark, Poland, Croatia

Group A2 (full)
Qualified: Germany*
Also in the group: Finland
Didn’t play: Russia, Belarus

Russia suspended until further notice

England celebrate their goal against IcelandThe FA via Getty Images

Group A3 (full)
Qualified: England*
Also in the group: Belgium, Wales, Iceland

Group A4 (9-15 May)
Candidates: Austria*, Norway, Ukraine, Bulgaria

Group A5 (full)
Qualified: Italy*,
Also in the group: Hungary, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Italy celebrate qualifying

Italy celebrate qualifyingGetty Images

Group A6 (full)
Qualified: Spain
Also in the group: Netherlands, Portugal*, Romania

Group A (full)
Qualified: France
Also in the squad: Republic of Ireland, Greece, Czech Republic* (final host),


League B

Group B1 (full)
Group winners: Northern Ireland*,
Finalists: Malta
Also in the group: Azerbaijan, Faroe Islands

Liechtenstein take on North Macedonia

Liechtenstein take on North MacedoniaDeFodi Images via Getty Images

Group B2 (full)
Group winners: Slovenia*
Finalists: North Macedonia,
Also in the group: Moldova, Liechtenstein

Group B3 (full)
Group winners: Serbia
Finalists: Lithuania
Also in the group: Latvia*, Montenegro,

Group B4 (full)
Group winners: Scotland*
Finalists: Kosovo
Also in the group: Kazakhstan, Estonia

Group B5 (full)
Group winners: Slovakia
Finalists: Andorra*
Also in the group: Georgia, Armenia

Group B6 (full)
Group winners: Israel
Finalists: Turkey*
Also in the group: Albania, Cyprus


How Leagues Were Formed in Round 1

League A

1st round group winners: Austria (Group A1), France (holder, A2), Germany (A3), Denmark (A4), England (A5), Spain (A6), Italy (A7)

Group second of the 1st round: Netherlands (A1), Sweden (A2), Belgium (A3), Finland (A4), Switzerland (A5), Czech Republic (host of the finals, A6), Norway (A7)

Third in the 1st round group: Ukraine (A1), Iceland (A2), Russia (A3), Hungary (A4), Republic of Ireland (A5), Portugal (A6), Poland (A7)

Promoted from League B: Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece (second best), Romania, Wales

League B

Relegated from League A: Azerbaijan, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey

Group second of the 1st round: North Macedonia (B1), Albania (B3), Georgia (B4), Kosovo (B5), Montenegro (B6)

Third in the 1st round group: Faroe Islands (B1), Lithuania (B2), Andorra (B3), Israel (B4), Liechtenstein (B5), Estonia (B6)

Fourth in the 1st round group: Cyprus (B1), Kazakhstan (B2), Moldova (B3), Malta (B4), Latvia (B5), Armenia (B6)

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