5 people arrested in Honduras for the brutal massacre of an Italian

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) – Five residents of a town in Honduras were arrested on Friday for the brutal massacre of an Italian.

Edgardo Barahona, spokesperson for the Department of Public Security, said more possible suspects were wanted in the murder of the Italian.

The victim has been identified as Giorgio Scanu. Video of Thursday’s murder showed dozens of people surrounded Scanu’s house, while some assailants entered and killed him with stones, machetes and sticks.

Residents claimed the Italian killed another resident of Yusguare town. They then burned part of the house as his body lay inside.

Barahona said a complaint was filed against the Italian for allegedly killing a local man during an argument over damage to his property, but residents became furious when police failed to immediately arrest Scanu .

“People were angry because the Italian was not immediately arrested… but we cannot make an arrest without a warrant,” Barahona said. “It was initially under investigation because there had been a complaint, but there must be some evidence. That’s what started this whole problem.

Yusguare is near the town of Choluteca, near the border with neighboring Nicaragua.

The mayor of Yusguare, Edas Mauricio Turcios, said that “this is something unexpected for us”.

“After seeing the videos you are shocked because it is a calm city, not confrontational, and these types of scenes are difficult to understand,” Turcios said.

The Associated Press

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