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Luigi Pirandello, who died on December 10, 1936, is often considered one of the precursors of the Theater of the Absurd. Playwright, author and poet, he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1934 but presented the medal to the fascist government to be melted down for the Abyssinian campaign.

On the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the writer’s death, here are 5 must-read works by him.

Liola (1916)

An Italian play written by Pirandello, about a middle-aged single father who has three young boys from different mothers. The play tries to present Liolà as an ideal father.

Six characters in search of an author (1921)

Perhaps Pirandello’s best-known work, the absurd metatheatrical piece blurs the lines between director, actor and characters as six strange people arrive at a rehearsal and reveal that they are unfinished looking characters. of an author to complete their story.

Each in their own way (1924)

The play revolves around the suicide scandal of artist Giorgio Salvi on the eve of his wedding. The artist took his own life when he discovered that his fiancée, actress Delia Morello, had started a short-lived affair with Salvi’s brother-in-law, Michele Rocca. The play begins in media res.

The Tour (1902)

The novel sees protagonist Marcantonio Ravi planning to give his beautiful daughter, Stellina, in marriage to elderly but extremely wealthy Don Diego Alcozèr. He believes that after the old man’s death, a younger and more suitable husband can be found for his daughter.

The late Mattia Pascal (1904)

The novel is one of Pirandello’s first treatments on the theme of identity. The protagonist realizes that he was wrongly declared dead and decides to start a new life again, only to find that his new life is as bad as the old one. He returns to his old life to find that everyone has moved on and that he has to live like the ghost of the man he was.

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