A protest is taking place in Salisbury town center today

PROTESTERS will congregate in the Market Square at midday today, ready to march to Rockhopper Exploration’s headquarters in Castle Street.

Rockhopper Exploration is suing the Italian government for £236m over its refusal to allow oil drilling off the Adriatic coast.

The International Energy Agency has said no new fossil fuel investment should take place after 2021 and protesters fear this could jeopardize the 1.5C target.

Global Justice Now (GJN) is leading the protest with Extinction Rebellion Salisbury, Extinction Rebellion Wimborne and XR Bath Samba.

Nick Dearden is the director of Global Justice Now and said: “The fossil fuel industry is already doing everything in its power to delay and deter climate action, and we have already wasted too much time at this glacial pace. .

“The last thing we need is for governments to give these corporations a secret weapon in their battle to extract maximum profits from climate breakdown. But that is what we will do if we do not withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty.

Demonstrations are planned across the country this week to demand that the UK withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT).

50 countries are parties to the treaty, but this is the last round of talks, and the deadline is June. At this stage, the EU will consider withdrawing if the treaty has not been brought into line with the Paris agreement.

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