Alen Babic takes another victory by beating Eric Molina


The Croatian has David Allen in his sights

Alen Babic maintained his unbeaten record by beating Eric Molina with a powerful performance on Saturday night in London.

The pair fought at the O2 Arena with the England-based Croatian, claiming their ninth consecutive victory.

The 30-year-old heavyweight sent Molina to the canvas four times in two rounds to ensure he maintains his 100% knockout record. The first knockdown came moments after the opening bell.

In the second round he landed a heavy right to knock him down, did the same with a fierce left, and Molina then appeared to stumble again on her own. The referee made a count, and when the American failed to stabilize convincingly, the fight was halted less than two minutes after the start of the second round.

After the fight, Babic admitted that he wanted to fight David Allen next and checked the name for other options.

“I’m never going to denigrate David Allen’s speech,” he said. “Dave Allen, David Price and Derek Chisora, these are my guys. I watch each of their fights.

“I love him; I love Dave Allen. So I hope we fight, brother, because from day one I got into the sport. They told me about David Allen. Now I have a huge opportunity, I love Joseph Parker and Derek Chisora.


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