Amos Luzzatto, Italian writer and leader of the Jewish community, dies at 92


Longtime leader of the Italian Jewish community, Amos Luzzatto, died on September 9 at the age of 92. Luzzatto was both a physician and an academic, and was deeply involved in Jewish heritage and cultural affairs. He was president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities (UCEI) from 1998 to 2006 as well as president of the Jewish community of Venice. During his tenure as President of the UCEI, the European Day of Jewish Culture (ECJC) was established. The aim of the ECJC is to recognize Jewish heritage as an integral part of Europe’s cultural heritage, to promote tourism and other visits to Jewish heritage sites – and also to promote pride and sentiment. Jewish identity.

In 2001, Luzzatto defined the EDJC as “the first event that truly united European Jews politically”. “It is becoming a politically important event for Europe. As political representatives of the European Jewish community, we must use this channel to contact the European Union and make this day a political event for Europe. If the majority of visitors are non-Jews, it means that this is a political event for Europe. “In 2005, Luzzatto reiterated the role of the EDJC, and the role of Jewish culture and heritage in general, rejecting calls to cancel the day despite increased concerns about terrorism. Jewish Culture will take place this year in a climate of great international tensions, of serious risks of terrorist attacks, in a climate of fear, “he declared. “But we decided it wouldn’t be fair, because it’s just times like these that culture becomes even more important.” “Culture is not a luxury for times of ease and tranquility,” said Luzzatto. “On the contrary – it is one of the most important weapons at our disposal to react against violence, bloodshed and destruction.” “If we had canceled everything, the terrorists would have won. We cannot. let fear stop us.


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