Beautiful Rain by Italian singer/songwriter Daniy’el

Title of the song: Beautiful rain
Genre: Pop/Folk
Launch date: March 21, 2022
ISRC code: QM4TW2250733

Daniy’el is delighted to announce the release on March 21, 2022 of his first single beautiful rain via The Orchard (Sony Music). The haunting soulful song, which paints a picture with its intriguing lyrics, is a unique work and a transformational melodic journey that is sure to become an instant hit.

The singer-songwriter’s debut album is highlighted by the tranquil melody and emotionally-filled lyrics that carry the listener through a torrent of emotions. Every haunting note of this captivating track with beautiful background vocals delights the listener. Daniele Fortunato collaborated with many artists around the world to create the musical project Daniel’el.

beautiful rain is a unique partnership between Italian songwriter Daniele Fortunato and the American singer John Long. The combination turns out to be a musical hit, hitting all the right notes.

The release of beautiful rain represents the fulfillment and musical product of the artists’ journey, as well as the achievement of Daniy’el, and the beginnings of a magnificent musical adventure that implores, “Tell me you’ll meet me in the cool, beautiful rain.”

Daniele Fortunato is renowned for his pop/folk style and he has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry around the world.

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