Big Data and Cognitive Computing Journal publishes research papers in June 2022 edition – InsuranceNewsNet

BASEL, Switzerland, May 28 — Big Data and Cognitive Computing, an open-access scientific journal that claims to link big data theories with emerging smart cloud and supercomputing technologies, has published research articles, including on the following topics, in its June 2022 editing:


* earthquake insurance in California, United States: What does community-generated Big Data tell us?

* The predictive power from a Twitter user’s profile on the popularity of cryptocurrency

* Classification of COVID-19 tweets based on a hybrid word embedding method

* A better mechanistic understanding of Big Data through order search using Bayesian causal networks

* Virtual reality adaptation using electrodermal activity to support user experience

* A new comparative study of dimensionality reduction methods in large-scale image retrieval

* Cognitive networks extract information about COVID-19 vaccines from popular tweets in English and Italian: anticipation, logistics, conspiracy and loss of confidence

* Robust multimode synchronization of chaotic fractional order systems in the presence of perturbations, delays and uncertainties with application in Secure communications

* Gender Stereotypes in Hollywood Films and How They Change Over Time: Insights from Network Analysis

The June 2022 edition of the Big Data and Cognitive Computing Journal can be viewed at The journal is edited by Preservation of Molecular Diversity International and Multidisciplinary Institute for Digital Publishing.

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