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This is an opinion piece by Adam Taha, an entrepreneur with two decades of experience in government and corporate finance. Disclosure: Bitcoin Magazine is owned and operated by BTC Inc, the organizer of Bitcoin Amsterdam.

Speaking of the party after the first day, Bitcoin Amsterdam is awe-inspiring. BTC Inc knows how to throw a party in Miami, because we’ve all seen the huge success of the annual Bitcoin conferences there. Now BTC Inc has gone to Europe.

I have to admit, when I first heard about the Amsterdam conference, I had some doubts. I was wrong. Sitting here on the Westergas site, I can see the excitement and excitement around Bitcoin. Companies, journalists, attendees, entrepreneurs and others are all excited about this conference.

Plan B as Europe scrambles

The backdrop to this Bitcoin conference is total confusion in UK and European fiat systems. European lawmakers are finalizing an agreement for a bill targeting bitcoin, and the bitcoin conference now comes as a form of response to this bill. People from all walks of life in Europe are here in Amsterdam to send a loud and clear message to European lawmakers: people want Bitcoin, and no bill can silence it.

Also, one of the largest central banker events in the world (Sibos) is held just 10 kilometers from the Bitcoin conference. One can only imagine their frustration as their system crumbles in slow motion. Not to mention the chaos in the UK as Liz Truss confirmed in the House of Commons today that she “will not cut public spending”. A few minutes later, Chris Philp (the UK’s Chief Treasury Secretary) confirmed that the announced tax cuts would not be cancelled. Many observers, myself included, are scratching their heads wondering where the money will come from if they don’t cut spending or reverse tax cuts. The fiat system is broken and central banks cannot fix it. With US inflation and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) due tomorrow, Bitcoin’s case will only get stronger and central bankers will only get weaker as they venture further into chaos.

A bright, global future

Today I met people from Lebanon, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Morocco, Sweden, Iceland and many more places, all brought together by Bitcoin. What struck me was how eager Bitcoiners were to help each other. Some were talking about their experience with Lightning Network payments, others were talking about business ideas, some were talking about mining, others were discussing various techniques for running their own nodes. Not unusual for Bitcoiners, of course, but it was very much alive today as this conference is the first of its kind in Europe, with most attendees having never attended the Miami conference. This desire to help each other, connect, orient and exchange ideas without looking for something in return is truly unique and refreshing.

It was also powerful to see Greg Foss speak. He described in very simple terms how bitcoin is mathematically inevitable and how fiat is unsustainable. A unique exchange I had was inside the exhibition hall with a wonderful older lady from Amsterdam named Brechtje. She told me that she has no idea how Bitcoin works or what it is used for, but is attending out of curiosity and to learn more.

The first day of the conference was a huge success, and the second day will be filled with more activities and events, as well as more excitement. I believe this is the start of something big and possibly even more bitcoin conferences in several other EU cities, in addition to perhaps conferences in Asia and Latin America in the future, which knows. For a few minutes I got lost in a conversation with fellow Bitcoiners about the pros and cons of various other cities around the world to hold a Bitcoin conference, with the same excitement as one talks about a vacation or a promotion or a new adventure. Every Bitcoiner wants to be a Bitcoin Ambassador. We reminded ourselves that for now, Amsterdam is the perfect place to support Bitcoin and watch the implosion of the fiat system.

This is a guest post by Adam Taha. The opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.

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