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The four-time World Cup winners still seem to be clinging to the possibility of booking their ticket to Doha in November, but how?

Italy could still have a place in Qatar’s upcoming 2022 World Cup if Ecuador are banned, an Italian sports personality has claimed, despite FIFA President Infantino ruling out speculation.

Former Italian National Olympic Committee member Franco Chimenti, also a former member of the CONI committee, believes the European country’s ticket to Doha is “more concrete than people think”.

After losing 1-0 to North Macedonia in the semi-finals of the playoffs in March, the Azzurri were unable to qualify for the World Cup for the second time.

However, the current head of the Italian Golf Federation and former CONI committee member still believes the four-time title winners still have a real chance to challenge for the fifth title in November.

“There’s still a chance to see Italy at the World Cup and it’s more concrete than people think,” he told GR Parlamento.

“Apparently, Ecuador used a player who was not allowed to be on the pitch and could pay for it. If that happens, another country should replace them and FIFA rules state that the country does so. higher in the FIFA rankings should be remembered, at the moment it is Italy.

Chile’s accusations against Ecuador

Earlier this month, the Chilean Football Association submitted documents to the football governing body’s disciplinary committee accusing Ecuador of allegedly fielding an ineligible player.

The country said the South American country’s winger, Byron Castillo, used “a false birth certificate, false declaration of age and false nationality” because he was born in Colombia and not Ecuador, and is older than his Ecuadorian documents state.

“The practice of serious and conscious irregularities in the registration of players cannot be accepted, especially when it comes to a global competition,” the Chilean football federation said in a statement. A declaration after filing the complaint.

According to FIFA rules, playing against an ineligible player may result in one or more forfeits. This penalty has the potential to completely change the results of the South American qualifier, potentially kicking Ecuador out of the big tournament and leaving a spot open for a lucky team.

Ecuador finished fourth in Qatar’s recent qualifying campaign, earning one of the continent’s four automatic World Cup berths in November.

The so-called ‘ineligible player’ has made eight appearances, including two against Chile.

However, Chile demanded that Ecuador give up the eight qualifying matches in which Castillo participated, with the opponents automatically earning three points per game. FIFA have opened an investigation into the matter, and if they agree, Chile could potentially be able to participate in the World Cup.

But Chile aren’t the only team vying for the potential spot.

According to La Repubblica, FIFA could make one of two options: Ecuador could lose points earned in the matches where Castillo played, allowing Chile to finish ahead of Ecuador in the qualifying group, or exclude the country and award the World Cup ticket to another country. .

In this circumstance, the Azzurri would have a chance, given that they currently hold the highest FIFA ranking.

FIFA President Infantino, however, has another opinion. The football chief dismissed speculation that Italy could be called up for the 2022 World Cup. “Please be serious,” he told the media during his last visit to Florence.

2022 World Cup hosts Qatar are set to play Ecuador at Al-Bayt Stadium on November 21. If FIFA proves Chile’s claim, Ecuador could be replaced by Chile or Italy.

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