Casa Me: Savor Italian ‘holiday foods’ without leaving Westport

Customers ready to serve at the new Casa Me restaurant are, from left to right, waiter Mario Luna; Chip Ferrarese, general manager; Charlotte Finnerty, hostess, and servers Kiana Del Arco and Jose Rodriguez. / Photo by Gretchen Webster
Casa Me, or “My Home,” features Italian “holiday foods” at 7 Sconset Square. / Pictures,

By Gretchen Webster

WESTPORT — Casa Me, a new Italian restaurant at 7 Sconset Square, is the first joint venture between fashion designer Pina Ferlisi and her husband, restaurateur Mario Fontana.

Fontana owns Bodega restaurants in Fairfield and Darien, both of which specialize in Mexican cuisine. He also owned several restaurants in Norwalk.

The Southport couple decided to return to their Italian heritage with Casa Me, Ferlisi said, considering the concept during the COVID pandemic lockdown.

Casa Me is open at 7 Sconset Square, serving Italian specialties and drinks in a casual atmosphere, according to fashion designer Pina Ferlisi, who owns Casa Me with her husband, restaurateur Mario Fontana. / Photo by Gretchen Webster

An Italian who grew up in Canada, Ferlisi and her Italian-American husband were inspired by their favorite place to visit — Italy — and what she called “Italian vacation foods.”

“We love Italy and have been there many times,” she said. “During the lockdown, the only thing I dreamed of was Italy… I wish I could have flown and been on the Amalfi Coast.”

Instead, they decided to bring Italy to Westport.

“I said, ‘Why don’t we open an Italian restaurant?’ This way we can be close to the culture and close to the food.

Ferlisi has been a fashion designer and creative director for years, working for luxury fashion brands in New York and London, and is currently a fashion consultant.

The bar, designed by co-owner Pina Ferlisi, offers a laid-back atmosphere that Italian bars are famous for, she said. / Photo by Gretchen Webster

She used her design background to plan the downtown restaurant, creating what she calls a laid-back Italian villa atmosphere.

The bar at Casa Me offers among its craft cocktails the Negroni, replicating “the bar culture that Italy has always been famous for,” Ferlisi said.

The couple named their restaurant Casa Me, which means “my home” in Italian, because the atmosphere is designed to make customers feel at home, she said.

Fontana prepared the “homemade” pasta menu and other Italian specialties. They understand vhard, vegetable dishes; sfincione, a Sicilian focaccia; A Roman-style pizza that’s made with lighter dough and the already popular lemon pasta, Ferlisi said.

Casa Me, 7 Sconset Square, was eagerly awaited by passers-by following its development as the town center restaurant also has a frontage on Post Road East. / Photo added

“It’s really about great food, space…and music.”

Westport diners have responded favorably in the two weeks since the restaurant opened on October 20. “They kissed us,” Ferlisi said.

Due to the restaurant’s high profile in newly refurbished Sconset Square, as well as a small frontage on Post Road East, people had stopped by weeks earlier, anticipating the opening and eager to sample its food when it opened. its opening.

“We’ve already had loyal customers,” Ferlisi said.

Casa Me, 7 Sconset Square, is open 5pm-10pm Tuesday-Saturday, with the bar open “5pm-late” on those days. The restaurant will also begin serving lunch in the coming weeks. Call 203-571-3230 or visit Casa Me website for more information or to book.

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