Health news roundup: Italy to stage wild boar cull around Rome to stem African swine fever; Analysis-Test, test, test? Scientists question expensive mass COVID checks and more

Here is a summary of health news briefs.

Italy to stage wild boar cull around Rome to stem African swine fever

Italy is to launch a wild boar cull around Rome after African swine fever was discovered in one of the thousands of residents of the Italian capital and surrounding countryside, local authorities announced on Monday. An isolated outbreak of the deadly swine disease was reported in northwestern Italy earlier this year, and the case discovered in Rome last week – the first detected in central Italy – has raised fears of the epidemic spreading.

Analysis-Test, test, test? Scientists question costly mass COVID checks

For many people around the world, having cotton swabs stuck in their noses or throats to test for COVID-19 has become a routine and familiar annoyance. But two years into the pandemic, health officials in some countries are questioning the merits of repeated mass testing when it comes to containing infections, especially given the billions it costs.

BioNTech’s First-Quarter Vaccine Sales Triple, But Still Record Full-Year Decline

BioNTech’s first-quarter sales and profits more than tripled on demand for the COVID-19 vaccine it developed with Pfizer, but the German biotech company still expects vaccine sales to decline for the year whole. Quarterly revenue more than tripled from a year earlier to 6.37 billion euros ($6.73 billion), as did net profit, at 3.70 billion euros, it said on Monday. the society.

Diagnosis of cancer one year before infection is not associated with worse outcomes; air travel carries COVID risks

Here is a summary of some recent studies on COVID-19. They include research that deserves further study to corroborate the findings and that has not yet been certified by peer review. Old cancer diagnosis not linked to worse COVID-19 outcomes

France eases restrictions as number of bird flu outbreaks declines

France will lift most restrictions on poultry farming that had been imposed across the country to contain the rapid spread of bird flu after the number of outbreaks dwindled in recent weeks, the agriculture ministry said on Monday. France has slaughtered 16 million birds since late November to deal with its worst bird flu crisis, which accelerated when the highly contagious virus spread to the country’s largest poultry regions in western France. France.

Chinese medical experts say zero COVID strategy buys time to vaccinate more people

China’s tough COVID measures remain key to beating the pandemic and buying time to improve vaccination rates and develop new treatments, senior health advisers wrote in newly released reports. Shanghai, a city of 25 million, has been on lockdown for nearly six weeks as it battles China’s biggest coronavirus outbreak, but the government has ignored criticism of its zero COVID strategy, saying it remains the best option.

Novavax 2022 COVID vaccine shipments start slow, stocks fall

Novavax Inc revealed a sharp drop in COVID-19 research funding in the first quarter on Monday and said it shipped less than a quarter of total vaccine shipments planned for 2022, driving the company’s stock down nearly 16% after hours. It sold 31 million vaccine doses in the quarter, a small fraction of the 2 billion vaccines it plans to ship globally in 2022.

China reports 3,475 new COVID cases on May 9 from 4,333 a day earlier

Mainland China reported 3,475 new coronavirus cases on May 9, including 357 symptomatic and 3,118 asymptomatic, the National Health Commission said on Tuesday. That compares with 4,333 new cases a day earlier, made up of 415 symptomatic and 3,918 asymptomatic infections, which China is counting separately.

After Roe vs. Wade, Next to the Abortion Battle in the United States: State vs. State

With the U.S. Supreme Court set to strike down abortion rights, the next legal fault line is already looming as lawmakers in anti-abortion states explore ways to take the drastic step of extending bans to States where the procedure remains legal. A draft opinion leaked by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito this week reversing the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that established the right to abortion has the potential to fray relations between states opposed to the abortion and to test constitutional limits, according to legal experts.

COVID vaccine makers focus on recalls

COVID-19 vaccine makers are shifting gears and forecasting a smaller, more competitive booster market after delivering as many doses as fast as they could over the past 18 months. Executives from the biggest COVID vaccine makers, including Pfizer Inc and Moderna Inc, said they believe most people who want to get the COVID vaccine have already done so — more than 5 billion people worldwide. world.

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