In photos: Prime Minister Modi offers made-in-India items to his counterparts at the G20 summit in Indonesia

During the G20 summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took care to present a souvenir to his various counterparts as a sign of respect. Prime Minister Modi and various other world leaders have arrived in Bali, Indonesia to attend the G20 summit where Indonesian President Joko Widodo officially handed over the G20 chairmanship to India.

PM Modi presents gifts to his counterparts on the sidelines of the G20 summit

Prime Minister Modi presented an “Agate Bowl” from Kutch, Gujarat to French President Emmanuel Macron, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

To Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented “Patan Patola Dupatta” (scarf). The textile (Double Ikat) Patan Patola is appreciated for its craftsmanship and is very famous for the mixture of colors used in it.

He also gifted ‘Pithora’ to Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Made by Rathwa tribal artisans from the Gujarati town of Chhota Udaipur, a Phithora is an infamous tribal folk art. It bears some similarities to Aboriginal dot paintings made in Australia by its local communities.

Mata Ni Pachedi was given as a token of appreciation to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. It is a hand woven cloth from Gujarat which is used as an offering in Mother Goddess themed religious shrines and is highly honored by devotees in India. The name is derived from the Gujarati words ‘Mata’ which means ‘mother goddess’, ‘Ni’ means ‘belonging to’ and ‘Pachedi’ means ‘backdrop’.

During the G20 summit, the Prime Minister also presented the Kanal Brass ensemble (Mandi and Kullu) to the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented US President Joe Biden with a miniature painting of Kangra. Kangra’s miniature paintings have a story of their own as they usually highlight ‘Shringar Rasa’, or basically love against all of nature. The innovative paintings were created by the artisans of Himachal Pradesh using natural colors.

As India takes over the torchbearer of the G-20 Chairmanship, Prime Minister Narenra Modi said, “India is taking over the G-20 at a time when the world is simultaneously grappling with tensions geopolitics, an economic downturn, rising food and energy prices, and the long-term adverse effects of the pandemic.”

“At such a time, the world is looking at the G-20 with hope. Today, I want to assure that India’s G-20 Presidency will be inclusive, ambitious, decisive and action-oriented,” he added.

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