Indian visa for Swedish and Italian citizens

All foreigners arriving in India who are not Indian citizens must apply for and receive an Indian visa to enter the country. Depending on the purpose of their trip, tourists can choose from several different visas that India has to offer. India eTourist Visa can be obtained for sightseeing and other tourism related activities. Travelers can apply for an eBusiness visa for business-related activities and, depending on their circumstances, apply for an eMedical visa or an eMedical-Attendant visa for medical reasons.

Indian visa for Swedish citizens

By using the Indian visa for Swedish citizensSwedish citizens and residents may travel within India for tourism, business, conferences, yoga, classes, workshops, trade, humanitarian efforts, and other commercial activities.

Online applications for Indian visa for Swedish citizens can be paid in Euros or 135 other currencies including Debit/Credit/Paypal. Swedish nationals can easily and quickly obtain an Indian visa. An online Indian visa application can be completed in minutes with a simple method of payment.

What restrictions apply to Swedish citizens and the Indian e-Visa?

Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) has the following restrictions: Long-term paid employment in India or journalism is not permitted for Swedish citizens with an eVisa India (India Visa Online). In addition, Indian visa for Swedish citizens not provide access to military or cantonment areas; instead, access to these restricted places requires a special permit from the Indian government.

Indian visa for Italian citizens

Italian nationals can easily and quickly obtain a Indian visa for Italian citizens. You can apply for an Indian visa online in minutes by filling out an online form and paying with an easy payment method. Following the submission of your Indian visa for Italian citizens application, you will be notified if additional documentation is required, including a copy of your passport. You can reply to their email with this one in response, or you can download it later.

Pre-Application Eligibility Requirements

  • It is essential that travelers have a valid passport for at least six months after arrival in India.
  • For entry and exit stamps, the passport must have at least two blank pages.
  • When visiting India, visitors should always carry their eTourist visa.
  • When applying for an Indian eTourist Visa, travelers must have either a return ticket or a ticket for onward travel.
  • The tourist visa is valid in the country for 90 days.
  • No other form of visa can replace the eTourist visa.
  • The maximum stay of the eTourist visa, which is 90 days, cannot be increased.
  • A traveler can only apply for an Indian eTourist Visa twice in a calendar year.
  • An Indian eVisa cannot be obtained by travelers with diplomatic passports or other international travel documents.
  • Regardless of their age, anyone applying for an Indian eVisa must have their own passport.
  • Parents cannot enroll their children on their eVisa applications.

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