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High-end collaborations are part of Levi’s premiumization strategy. The historic brand has teamed up with Valentino for loose jeans and Miu Miu for embellished, upcycled denim. Levi’s latest partnership with No Sesso stays true to the LA-based fashion brand’s mission to challenge convention in fashion, art, culture and design.

Named after the Italian phrase meaning “sex/gender free”, No Sesso’s approach to the Levi’s collaboration was to reimagine transformable versions of Levi’s icons from a gender-neutral perspective, creating all-new pieces designed to flatter all bodies.

No Sesso teased the collection during its February show at New York Fashion Week. The presentation ended with a special Levi’s x No Sesso denim dress created with Levi’s Master Tailors. The dress, which took over 300 hours to make, featured corset lacing, denim purse accents and a denim train.

Levi’s x No Sesso

Released Wednesday, the four-piece Spring 2022 collection uses the “sensual beauty” of lingerie as a design benchmark and combines it with dark-rinse 100% cotton indigo denim and convertible silhouettes.

The collaboration includes two “transformable takes” on Levi’s jeans. Baggy jeans, which turn into denim shorts with a zipper, are embroidered with chain stitches along the leg to create a garter effect. Jeans based on the 505 feature zippered gussets that can create a flared leg.

A Type III Trucker with Zippered Gussets has zippered sleeves that flare out when unzipped.

Levi's partnership with No Sesso stays true to the LA-based brand's mission to defy convention in fashion and art.

Levi’s x No Sesso

A Trucker corset features chain stitch embroidery and corset ties on the front and back of the jacket. It also has a zippered bottom section that can be removed so it can be worn long or short. With the corset’s ties, it can be tied as a fitted trucker or worn oversized when untied.

Co-branded elements like a hang tag and leather backpatches are used throughout the collection.

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