Matteo Signani enjoys comfortable victory over Ruben Diaz


Signani retains European title against Diaz

Matteo Signani retained his continental belt with a rambling victory over Ruben Diaz. The Italian pulled off the best shots in 12 quiet rounds, but it wasn’t the all-action fight many were expecting. With both fighters in their early 40s, the age of both men was evident as most rounds went off without incident. Despite the lack of exchanges, it was evident that Signani was doing the best job, and that was clear when the Italian battled across all three scorecards.

Signani vs Diaz: 12th round

A big effort from Diaz in what could be the last round of his career. He gives everything he has but it will not be enough on the final socrecards. Diaz takes the turn but it should be a routine win for Signani. 10-9 Diaz.

Signani vs Diaz: 11th round

A reply from round 10 as Signani takes another round. 10-9 Signani.

Signani vs Diaz: 10th round

Signani must be very confident in winning. Another trick for him as he takes full advantage of Diaz’s lack of industry. 10-9 Signani.

Signani vs Diaz: 9th round

This fight badly needs the final bell. Diaz seems content to hear the final bell and Signani does everything he can to make his opponent get his wish. It is the Italian who controls but he leaves an easy passage to victory. 10-9 Signani.

Signani vs Diaz: 8th round

Signani is on tour again. It looks like the cut above Diaz’s left eye is having an impact on his performance as he’s constantly touching him. Signani can fight at this rate all night. 10-9 Signani.

Signani vs Diaz: 7th round

Diaz tries to stay in the fight but everything he tries doesn’t work. Signani seems to have worked Diaz and he wins the heats in third gear. 10-9 Signani.

Signani vs Diaz: 6th round

An accidental clash of heads opens a cut on Diaz’s eye. Another lap for Signani despite not doing much to win it. 10-9 Signani.

Signani vs Diaz: 5th round

Signani is now in full control. He uses his jab much better than at the start of the fight and it keeps Diaz from getting any closer. There is still a long way to go, but it seems that Diaz is already out of ideas. 10-9 Signani.

Signani vs Diaz: 4th round

Signani found his range and he put it to good use in the fourth round. Diaz came to life in the final stages of the session, but it was too late to give that unofficial scorecard a nod. 10-9 Signani.

Signani vs Diaz: 3rd round

Better from Signani and it had to be. He takes the third round after landing a number of eye-catching hits to the head and body. Is the Italian now in charge? 10-9 Signani.

Signani vs Diaz: 2nd round

A very calm fight so far. Signani did not show any ambition after two laps and it allows Diaz to steal a quiet second lap. 10-9 Diaz.

Signani vs Diaz: 1st round

A slow start from Signani as he lets Diaz gain the advantage. The Spaniard hasn’t landed with anything noticeable, but his busier job gives him the ride. 10-9 Diaz.

Forte and Grandelli fight for the draw

Mauro Forte and Francesco Grandelli gave their all in a formidable featherweight encounter that was tight throughout. Both men enjoyed moments of success at different stages of the fight and after 12 fierce rounds the contest was marked by a draw. Hopefully both fighters can pick up this one again in early 2022.

Dixon stuns Russo in the first round

Tony Dixon breathed life into his career with a stunning knockout of Francesco Russo. Inactive for two years, Dixon showed no sign of ring rust as he started quickly against the local favorite. Under brief pressure from Russo, Dixon found a brilliant right hand to instantly end the fight seconds after it started.

Dominant Cecchi vs. Brave Connolly

Bec Connolly’s brave effort was not enough against Maria Cecchi as she was well beaten by the much-vaunted Italian. Cecchi was in control from the first bell as she frequently landed her excellent left hand. Connolly was constantly watched by the referee and her corner, but she remained loud enough to hear the final bell. Cecchi received the green light from the judges with scores of 80-72 x 2 and 79-73.

Casamonica overtakes Loli

Armando Casamonica continued to gain experience in the professional ranks with a relentless victory over Mauro Loli. The young Italian, a fighter with big aspirations, was pushed hard throughout the six-round game, but he squeezed him onto the scorecards by majority decision.

Mauro Loli vs. Armando Casamonica

Then we have an all-Italian clash against super-light heavyweights. Two relatively inexperienced fighters operating from Rome. Loli is the first southpaw Casamonica has faced.

Demchenko v Sep – Hrvoje Sep wins by decision

The Croatian wins. Demcenko had been stopped only once before in his career, and he faltered in fifth after a heavy duty streak in September. However, he was saved by the bell and recovered admirably for the sixth and final round.

It was clear that Sep, 35, was the best, and he maintains his unbeaten record with his last in Italy. He’s 11-0, six rounds of experience after two years of inactivity, and will climb the light heavyweight standings as he chases a title shot.


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