Netflix opens an office in Italy and reveals the series Elena Ferrante | News

Netflix founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings opened the streaming platform’s Rome office today and unveiled a slate of Italian movies and series, including a series adaptation of Elena’s latest novel Ferrante “The Lying Life Of Adults” which will feature Valeria Golino. Fandango is producing and Edoardo De Angelis will direct.

During the event, it was revealed that the number of Italian subscribers was “nearly five million”, according to the company. That’s up on Netflix Italy’s four million subscribers disclosed in October 2021. Hastings was optimistic about falling global subscribers. “I can see a steady increase in streaming platforms over the next 20 years as more TVs are replaced by smart TVs,” he said.

Hastings revealed how Netflix views its role in the Italian market compared to other US streaming platforms: “Our goal is to get 50% of the audience, letting the others share the remaining 50%,” Hastings said. he declares. “I also appreciate the productions of other platforms. When we lost the Best Picture Oscar to Coda I was sad but also happy because I loved the film. Thanks to this contest. the story will get better and better.

He suggested Netflix’s strength was its ability to discover and invest in new talent. “Disney’s advantages are its franchises through Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and all of its properties,” he continued. “But we also have advantages, we are good at finding new voices. And maybe not having those great intellectual properties causes us to be more nervous, hungrier, and more creative.

“Our real competitors are YouTube and TikTok,” he added. “Young people have a different sensibility. We all need to invest in television and film production to prevent this art form from being crushed and these stories to stay alive.

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The Rome headquarters opened nearly two years after Eleonora “Tinny” Andreatta, the former director of Rai Fiction, was named vice president of Italian series. She was joined today by Sara Furio, director of international original films and Giovanni Bossetti, non-fiction manager for Netflix Italy.

Movies in the works on Netflix Italy include Lucky Red’s teen comedy sequel Under the Amalfi sunheist movie Stealing Mussoliniproduced by Bibi Film and starring Pietro Castellitto, action title My name is Vendetta by Colorado Film, with Alessandro Gassman and an English romantic comedy Love and Ice Cream.

Highlights on the TV side include Brigand, a period television series produced by Italian Fabula Pictures with Spanish Los Hermanos, and a serial adaptation of Tomasi di Lampedusa’s novel “The Leopard”, adapted for the big screen by Luchino Visconti in 1963, which will be directed by British Tom Shankland whose credits include SAS: Rogue Heroes and The snake. It will be produced by Indiana Production and Moonage Pictures.

Besides, The lotto gang was created by Gomorrah and zero zero zero duo Maddalena Ravagli and Leonardo Fasoli, produced by BIM and Feltrinelli Originals. It is inspired by the true story of the greatest fraud ever committed against the Italian state, perpetrated through the national lottery.

There’s also an untitled animated project from Zerocalcare, produced by Movimenti production and Bao Publishing, while Cattelya is working on an Italian remake of the UK series. Gold digger, which is written by novelist Teresa Ciabatti, with the working title of Inganno.

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