Ohio Family Files Lawsuit After DNA Christmas Gift Reveals Confusion

AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — Jessica Harvey Galloway has always embraced her father’s Italian heritage and while planning a trip to Europe with her husband in 2020, she has set in motion a plan to reunite with distant relatives in Italy.

But after receiving an at-home DNA kit as a Christmas present that same year, her life would change forever.

“Truly there are no words to describe and express what I went through and what my parents went through,” said Harvey Galloway.

It was 1991 when Jeanine and Mike Harvey approached Dr. Nicholas Spirtos, then Chief of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Summa Akron City Hospital, now Summa Health System, to get help to conceive a child.

But this DNA test carried out by Harvey Galloway would reveal a shocking confusion. Ms. Harvey’s egg was fertilized not by her husband’s sperm, but by another man, also a patient of Dr. Spirtos, as reported in the lawsuit filed Wednesday in the Summit County Court of Common Pleas.

“We don’t know if we were the only couple there that day, there may be two, three, four couples, maybe we are all intertwined,” said Jeanine Harvey. “We do not know.”

“It’s shocking, it’s disbelief, it’s sadness, betrayal,” Mike Harvey said.

Summa Health responded to the lawsuit in this statement which reads: “We are aware of an allegation that was made in 1991 that a patient was artificially inseminated with semen from a person who is not her husband. We take this allegation seriously and understand the impact it has on the family. At this point, we have not met with the family or conducted our own tests. Given the very limited information we have and the time that has passed, we still hope that the attorneys representing the family will work with us to make this next step a priority.

“It has been almost seven months since we first informed the defendants of our client’s claims,” said attorney Ashlie Case Sletvold. “Summa Health Systems and Dr. Spirtos have provided no explanation of how Jessica was conceived using an alien’s DNA.”

Harvey Galloway recently discovered that his biological father was not Italian, but part Irish and Welsh. Their future relationship is still uncertain.

She also joins growing calls for change in the multi-billion dollar fertility industry.

“The regulations need to change. The question of the chain of custody must change, the training must change. This can’t happen in 2022, we shouldn’t have this problem. »

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