‘Succession’ Season 3, Episode 8: Italian Ice


Shiv has long kept Caroline on the list of childhood disappointments she had to overcome. But Caroline won’t let her get away with this revisionist story. In memory of Shiv, her mother received a payment from Logan and then pushed her and her brothers to move to live with their father at the age of 10, all because Caroline didn’t want to play anymore. mom. The real story? Shiv was 13 years old; and she made an active decision to move in with Logan. (“I’ll have the carbonara and daddy,” is how her mother describes her daughter’s offhand cruelty.)

This revelation ignites Shiv, who returns to his bedroom and tells Tom that she is ready to fight for the best Waystar job – and have a baby with him. But their night of passion goes badly, as she slips into a curious dominatrix-style role-playing game, which sees her seducing Tom by purring: “You’re not good enough for me” and “I don’t.” do not like . “

The next day, he wants to discuss it, wondering, “Should I maybe listen to the things you say directly to my face when we are most intimate?” But Shiv insists that none of this should be taken seriously. (“What’s going on in Sex Vegas…?” She offers weakly.) She also changes their pregnancy plan, offering to freeze their embryos instead, then concludes the conversation with, “I don’t. I may not love you, but I love you. . “This is how a Roy expresses his affection.

This deep inconstancy is also evident in the way Logan handles the ongoing negotiations with Lukas Mattson and GoJo. At the start of this episode, Logan brings Stewy and Sandi to the office to inform them of the acquisition, claiming it’s a courtesy but really wanting to rub their faces a bit. But he also insists that he’ll kill the deal if they don’t like him; and frankly, he’s a little nervous about the way Mattson seems to be jacking up his share price with reckless, emoji-filled tweets. (“I’m not used to dealing with eggplants,” Logan sighs.)

Roman is therefore sent to Mattson’s compound to find out if GoJo’s boss is mentally unstable or if he is simply “making a move”. The two men have an unsettling discussion about the thrill of failure; and Roman may have walked away from that encounter feeling like Mattson is a flake. But he still hedges his bets with Logan, telling his father that their potential business partner really wants “a merger of equals” – something he says will torpedo the deal.

Instead, surprisingly, Logan is open to letting GoJo be the acquirer while Waystar runs the business – as long as he knows Mattson is “a serious person” and not a “panty flasher on Twitter.” “. (“I can win any fight with a boxer,” Logan says. “But I don’t know how to knock out a clown.”)


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