Summary of the latest entertainment news: Korean War blockbuster set to become China’s highest-grossing film; Canadian singer Bryan Adams tests positive for COVID after flight to Italy and more


Here is a summary of the current entertainment briefs.

Korean War blockbuster set to become China’s highest-grossing film

Box office revenue for the Chinese patriotic film “The Battle of Changjin Lake” reached 5.69 billion yuan ($ 891 million) on Wednesday, positioning it to become the highest-grossing Chinese film of all. time, according to data from the Maoyan online cinema ticket booking platform. As of Wednesday, box office revenue had reached the same level as the 2017 Chinese action film Wolf Warrior 2, but “The Battle of Changjin Lake” is still in theaters and accounts for 7% of all films screened. Wednesday.

Canadian singer Bryan Adams tested positive for COVID after flying to Italy

Canadian singer Bryan Adams said Thursday he tested positive for COVID-19 after flying to Italy and going to hospital. Adams, who is also a photographer, came to Milan to promote Pirelli’s 2022 calendar, which he had photographed.

New comic book celebrates the life of legendary artist Tina Turner

The ups and downs of singer Tina Turner’s life are explored in a new comic book. The comic book biop TidalWave details her education in Tennessee, her musical success, her struggles with former husband Ike Turner, and her powerful resurgence.

A Minute With: the actor and director of “Shepherd” on the horror film

Tom Hughes stars in the British indie horror “Shepherd”, describing a widower seeking respite after the death of his wife by taking a job on a barren Scottish island. But what initially appears as a remote jaunt turns into a terrifying nightmare as Hughes’ character Eric a Shepherd is haunted by a mixture of guilt, paranoia, and ghostly appearances.

Tragedy or farce? Furore as the Greek actor refuses to play for the only vaccinated

A Greek actor forced the cancellation of a Eugene Ionesco play in Athens after refusing to perform only for vaccinated audiences, drawing criticism and praise in equal measure amid a wave of infections in the COVID-19 in the country. Coronavirus cases in Greece reached record levels this month, prompting the government to impose more restrictions on the public life of unvaccinated people this week, banning them from indoor places including restaurants, theaters, cinemas and gymnasiums.

Lights, camera … anyone? Movie studios can’t get the team

Hollywood flocked to central Europe during the pandemic when film producers were allowed to run cameras there, making the region an irresistible draw to streaming giants captivated by castles and tax breaks. Now, however, some production companies may have bit more than they can chew as the region, one of the world’s largest hubs, has seen a record leap in the new film and television industry. in the United States, reaching around $ 1 billion this year.

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