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EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by reference staff at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

30 years ago

MARQUETTE — Touching a paintbrush to the 65-year-old mural he restored to the ceiling of the Kaufman Auditorium, artist Dayton Spence feels connected to a legendary artistic tradition. “It’s like having the Sistine Chapel in Marquette”, said the 49-year-old artist from Traverse City. The bronzed painting, in an oval dome in the ceiling of the auditorium at Graveraet Middle School was created in 1929 by an unknown artist working for the Barnett Phillips Co. of New York, the painting indicated that the artist had learned his technique in Europe, Spence said. “The drawing is straight out of the French academy. The scrolls are Italian. The mural restoration is just part of a $610,000 restoration of the auditorium. According to Marquette Area Public Schools administrative assistant Tom Baldini, the district is getting a lot out of the project. The grants fund the project which will include a new sound system, lights and a stage lift. “Buildings all over the country are being saved simply because they have precious murals,” Spence said.

90 years ago

NEGAUNEE — Manager “Invoice” Goldsworthy of the inter-county league leaders Negaunee Rovers has booked the Detroit Whalen Nighrhawks, a posh semi-pro ball team, for a night game to be played Wednesday night at the high school playgrounds. The Nighthawks have 16 players and have already won 12 games on the Upper Peninsula. The team carries its own lighting equipment and will erect a battery of floodlights on the pitch so spectators can view the game at night. The game will not start until nightfall.

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