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The stories readers clicked the most on.

Today begins one of our favorite Ultiworld traditions: the annual Year in Review series. We’ll be covering the biggest stories, the most popular articles, the best of the year and more over the next two weeks. We’re starting things off with an overview of the 10 most popular posts – based on pageviews – from 2021.

10. 2021 Men’s Club Player of the Year

For the first time in the decade of compiling this list, one of our awards posts made it to the Top 10 Most Read, as we celebrated the success of Chris Kocher, Raphy Hayes and John Stubbs at the during the abbreviated club season.

9. Positive COVID test shakes SFI West

While there was a lot of excitement among the players as the sport resumed national level competition this summer, a positive case of COVID at an early-season club tournament forced the community to face realities. to try to come back to play in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.

8. Stall 9: The hammer terrifies Rachel McAdams

Deep in the pandemic hiatus, Ultiworld staff took turns writing essays on random topics that were only casually related to the sport of Ultimate. In what has become a surefire way to earn a spot on this annual list – by writing about an adjacent real famous person – editor Mags Colvett takes a look at why we care so much when real-life celebrities sort of find their way into our niche. sports sphere.

7. The December 2021 University National Championships will be held in Southern California

The 2021 varsity championships are now pulling back in the rear view mirror, but the announcement of their location in May has generated a lot of excitement.

6. Club Regionals 2021: Mega-Preview (Mixed)

It’s not often that the preview coverage of the event attracts a lot of traffic, but in a club season where so little was known about the competition before the series after the abridged regular season , a lot of people were apparently interested in our overview of the 2021 rosters and the perceived strength of the club’s mixed teams.

5. College DI 2021 pre-season power ranking

It was a similar story for the fall varsity season, as readers were excited to get back into the hype again after nearly two years since our last check on the division.

4. Monitoring of the commitment of the WUGC 2021 team

In January, while we still thought there was a chance that the WUGC would take place on its postponed dates at the end of July, we created a page to keep track of which countries had committed to participate and which were ‘were withdrawn. It turned out to be questionable, but the page saw many visitors from all over the world as we looked to see how global the event could have been.

3. Davide’s doctrines: horizontal stack

Speaking of the ultimate international, longtime Italian player and coach Davide Morri shared some of what he has learned during his nearly a quarter of a century in the sport with educational content on some basic offensive structures. Whether it’s because of the content, the beautiful layout of the features, or the popularity of its author, the debut installment on Horizontal Stacks turned out to be one of our most popular posts of the year.

2. Senator-elect Jon Ossoff and club champion Alisha Kramer get the ultimate Washington experience

It’s rare for one of our own to make it to the Sacred Halls of Washington, so the election of former Paideia player and former player Jon Ossoff to the US Senate has garnered a lot of attention within our community.

1. Hexagon, the Bestagon: a look inside the Hex offense

Much to the chagrin of many ultimate traditionalists on both sides of the pond, a new kind of offensive philosophy and structure has spread across the world, with extensive exploration of its tenets taking first place on our list of the most read for 2021.

  1. Steve sullivan

    Steve sullivan

    Steve Sullivan is the editor-in-chief of Ultiworld. He started playing in 2001 at Boston University, helped found and then played 14 seasons with Slow White, and most recently competed with San Francisco Blackbird. He has volunteered as varsity section coordinator, regional club coordinator, served three terms as a player-elected representative for the mixed division on the USAU club working group and is currently At-Large representative on the USAU board of directors. He previously wrote for USAU magazine and The Huddle, and was editor of the book “Ultimate: The First Five Decades, Vol II”. You can reach him by email ([email protected]) or on Twitter (@ sjsully21).

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