The body of an Italian woman “found sitting at a table in her home” two years after her death | world news

The ‘forgotten’ remains of an Italian woman have been found sitting at a table more than two years after her death, according to reports.

The death of Marinella Beretta, 70, whose body was discovered at her home in Prestino near Lake Como in Lombardy, has sparked calls around the country for better care for the elderly.

The woman, who lived alone, is said to have no parents and had not been seen by her neighbors since September 2019.

They reportedly assumed she moved at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which hit northern Italy in early 2020.

His body was found last Friday by Como firefighters following complaints that a tree had fallen in his garden due to overgrown vegetation, Francesca Manfredi, Como City Hall press officer, confirmed to CNN .

Her cause of death is unknown, but based on the level of decomposition she is believed to have died in late 2019.

Police found nothing at the scene to suggest foul play.

Como Mayor Mario Landriscina said his death should be a “moment of reflection”.

He invited residents to attend his funeral, the date of which has not yet been set, adding: “It is a tragedy that occurred in a context complicated by the pandemic, from a closed and isolated city.

“Who knows how much this woman has suffered. Now is the time to testify and I invite the city to be present.”

Family and Equal Opportunities Minister Elena Bonetti said his “forgotten” death had hurt Italy’s conscience.

“We have a duty, as a community that wants to hold together, to remember his life… no one should be left alone,” she wrote on Facebook.

Almost 40% of people over the age of 75 in Italy live alone, according to a 2018 report by the national statistics institute.

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