The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism participates in the Italian TTG exhibition

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities — represented by the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Board (ETPB) — participated in the TTG Rimini tourism fair, which was held in Rimini, Italy, from October 12 to 14.

This exhibition is considered one of the most important international tourism professional exhibitions specialized in the Italian tourism market in which both Italian and international tourism companies participate.

The ministry participated with a pavilion with an area of ​​96 m² which housed a number of Egyptian hotels and tourist businesses.

The official opening of the exhibition took place in the presence of the CEO of ETPB Amr Al-Kady, tourist attaché at the Egyptian Tourist Board in Germany Mohamed Farag, as well as several representatives of various companies and governments of the whole world.

Al-Kady explained that this exhibition was an opportunity to meet representatives of Italian tourism companies, given the importance of the Italian market for Egyptian tourism.

During the activities of the exhibition, Al-Kady held a number of bilateral meetings with representatives of Italian tourism companies, tour operators and airlines, during which he spoke about the development of the tourism sector. tourism in Egypt and the development of tourism infrastructure, including the establishment of a road and transport network linking the various tourist governorates to facilitate the movement of tourists between cities, in addition to what the ministry is doing to create new tourism products.

He also spoke about local and international events taking place in Egypt, including the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the famous Italian fashion house Stefano Ricci at the Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor and the upcoming United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change. (COP 27) which Egypt will host in Sharm el-Sheikh in November.

The CEO also briefed them on the advertising and promotional campaigns launched by the ministry to promote the Egyptian tourist destination in various tourist markets.

He added that during the meetings they discussed how to increase the tourist movement coming to Egypt from various tourist markets – especially the Italian market – in view of the efforts of the Egyptian state to increase from 25 to 25 the number of incoming tourists to Egyptian tourist destinations. 30% per year, in addition to discussing the diversification of the tourism experience for tourists when visiting Egypt.

For his part, Farag explained that representatives of Italian tourism companies, tour operators and airlines have highlighted the increase in demand from the Italian market to visit the Egyptian tourist destination, and that Italian tourists see Egypt as their “preferred and first tourist destination”. indicating that there is an expected increase in demand for cultural tourism to visit the archaeological sites of Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, as well as beach tourism to visit the cities of Sharm el-Sheikh and Marsa Alam.

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