The Italian adventure of students during an international internship

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Joao Destro, also an art and design student, said, “It was so inspiring. We worked with a freelance artist named Magarita who had her own studio. She introduced us to textile design and the different processes, then we were able to create our own.

“In our free time we walked everywhere and saw a lot of the city. Florence is not huge, so you can walk around and explore. It really was a great place.”

Shaira Galleon added: “Florence is so picturesque and the architecture is impressive, especially the Ponte Vecchio bridge. Everything I saw was like a historical painting, so beautiful and inspiring. I loved the culture of the city – the galleries, museums and churches – it was so interesting to visit.”

Second-year computer science students gain valuable industry experience and improve their technical skills while working with an IT company.

Sheikh-Tahir Ali said: “The trip gave me the chance to work abroad in the IT field and to acquire practical knowledge, as well as the experience of professional teamwork. We have been given tasks such as updating computer operating systems and have worked with PCs, laptops, routers and servers. The staff was great, very helpful and friendly.

Student Jacey Burton added: “Over the two weeks I was involved in a lot of work, including setting up Office and Windows and testing PC sound systems. I was also able to visit the Ponte Vecchio, the Museo Galileo, the Piazzale Michelangelo, the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore and the Palazzo Pitti. The opportunity was a fantastic experience to gain valuable professional skills while visiting a foreign country, and I would highly recommend it to other students! »

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