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People walk in a flooded St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy on Friday, November 5, 2021. After Venice suffered the second worst flood in its history in November 2019, it was inundated by four more exceptional tides in six weeks , shocking Venetians and sparking fears about the worsening impact of climate change. (AP Photo / Luigi Costantini)

Photos show tourists enjoying alfresco coffee in St Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy, as floodwaters rise under clear blue skies.

Flooding is caused by high tides and high winds, and rising sea levels have increased the frequency of high tides that plague the 1,600-year-old sinking city.

While the city often experiences high tide flooding, known as “acqua alta”, from October to January, the city has also experienced off-season flooding in recent years, including several times in August.

After Venice suffered the second worst flooding in its history in November 2019, the lagoon city was inundated by four more exceptional tides (4 feet, 7 inches or more) in six weeks.

“Conditions continue to deteriorate since the floods of November 2019. So we are confident that these months, the floods are no longer an occasional phenomenon. It’s a daily event ”, the chief guardian of Saint-Marc, Carlo Alberto Tesserin told The Associated Press.

The possibility of losing Venice in the sea has been a topic of conversation for decades, but recent flooding has made it clear just how likely this scenario really is. City data shows that over the past two decades there have been almost as many tides above 3.6 feet in Venice – the official level to be considered “acqua alta” – as in the past 100 years. previous: 163 against 166.

The AP reported that the city has seen exceptional tides 25 times since the records began in 1872, with two-thirds of the events occurring in the past 20 years. Five exceptional tides, or one fifth of the total, occurred between November 12 and December 23, 2019.

Click the slideshow above to see recent flooding and get a glimpse of the sinking Italian city before it vanished.

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