Transform Magazine: Lendinghome changes its name to Kiavi – 2021


US real estate investor lender (REI), LendingHome, worked with B2B brand agency, BrandingBusiness, to develop a new identity for the company, which was officially renamed Kiavi, as part of a more strategic initiative. large.

The new name comes from the phonetic representation of ‘chiave’, the Italian word for key, which embodies the company’s commitment to helping real estate investors realize the full potential of their strategies and make informed decisions. As Kiavi, the company plans to continue and expand its support for real estate investors to help them explore the value of older American homes. The new name also reflects the growth of the company.

Under the Kiavi brand, the company will adopt the motto Speed ​​to close. Power to scale, ”which defines the company’s commitment to providing investors with what they need most. In fact, speed is the key to real estate investing, not just when it comes to getting a loan, while scalability refers to the company’s technology platform, on which investors can count on to grow their business.

The logo developed by BrandingBusiness has a double representation. The upward pointing arrow shape aims to convey optimism while also suggesting the outline of a building, cementing Kiavi in ​​its industry. On the other hand, an open door is suggested in the form, seeking to communicate openness and the possibility of monetizing value through the brand.

“In the logo, gray was chosen as the calming base colors, while the positive brightness of Kiavi’s ‘Seafoam Green’ was designed to provide a modern, vibrant feel that is totally unexpected in the industry. It shows that something new and new was happening in an industry of competitors who suffer from similarity, ”said Michael Dula, founding partner of BrandingBusiness.

“The result [of the rebrand] is a fresh and new brand in what is a stagnant industry, one that says to its customers, “welcome to a new opportunity,” adds Dula.


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