Voice ICOM x IMD2022 | Call for papers: ‘The power of museums’

Unparalleled places of discovery, museums teach us about our past and open our minds to new ideas, two essential steps in building a better future. On the occasion of International Museum Day 2022, which will take place on May 18andwe want to explore the transformative power of museums.

In preparation for JIM 2022, dedicated to the theme The power of museums, the ICOM Voices team invites all ICOM members to send proposals for articles that will reflect on the transformative power of museums and their potential to bring about positive change. We encourage members to submit proposals in English, French or Spanish on the following key topics:

  • Sustainability (Implementation of the SDGs, climate action, local development, social economy, etc.)
  • Innovation and accessibility (digital accessibility and literacy, new approaches to collections, AI for social good, etc.)
  • Building community through education (co-creation, community activation, social change…)

Articles can be case studies, field reports, book reviews, interviews, exhibition or conference reviews, opinion pieces, etc.

To submit a proposal for ICOM Voices, please log in to your ICOM member area on the ICOM website and click on “Submit an article proposal for ICOM Voices”. Please ensure that your proposal relates to one of the four themes specified above.

Please enter a 100 word summary of your part in the box provided for this purpose. Full articles (1000 words max.) and personal testimonials (700 words max.) sent as attachments will also be considered.

You can submit your proposal in one of ICOM’s three official languages: English, French or Spanish.

Submissions received will be reviewed by the ICOM Voices editorial team. If your proposal is accepted, we will contact you. You can find guidelines on submitting full papers and information on writing process here.

The ICOM Voices team thanks you all for your contributions.

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