Your Top Picks for the Best Connecticut Food Related Articles of 2021

What’s the easiest way to get my attention online? Make me hungry. If I see a new restaurant opening here in Connecticut, I read it. The best place to grab a hot dog? The best lobster rolls? Tell me, I’m in it.

As we approach the end of 2021, everyone’s doing their year-end recaps. So I took a deep dive, worked out a few numbers, and put together the 10 best diet articles we’ve written this year. These articles have eaten up the competition, chewed up page views and lapsed tastes.

There is a wide range of cuisines in the items on this list. By the numbers, Connecticut loves Polish food, Guy Fieri, hot dogs, waterside meals, and lists of the best places to eat. Strap on your feed bag, here are our top 10 food items from the past year.

Your Top Picks for the Best Connecticut Food Related Articles of 2021

Connecticut is an amazing place to stuff your face. We’ve rounded up your top picks of the diet articles we’ve written over the past year, here are the top 10.

Your local guide to the Seven Fish Festival in Connecticut

Are you feeling ambitious? Here’s where you can get what you need to make, or where you can buy what you’ll need for your very own Seven Fish Feast.

Need to eat healthier? Start With These CT Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurants

It’s easy to make poor food choices here in Connecticut, there is a fast food, pizza, or burger on just about every street corner. If your doctor has told you to make better food choices, get inspired by the meals at these restaurants

Connecticut restaurants that offer outdoor seating even when it’s snowing

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